What We Do

Our vast experience crosses many industries has led our focus in the automotive, aerospace, defense, and robotics markets. Our value is in offering a turn key solution to managing the development, manufacture and delivery of our customer’s products. We provide this solution though product centric services ranging from manufacturing feasibility, engineering, and execution of pre-production builds through volume production. This spectrum of services sets us apart. We can deliver all facets or customize our services to each customer’s particular needs in order to provide a world class, product-centric manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Engineering

Our manufacturing engineers develop a product-centric plan. This plan focuses on the needs of the product along with the needs of our partners, as such, we are able to apply the right level of technology for the application.

Example Deliverables:

  • Manufacturing feasibility – Stackups, GD&T review, PFMEA & control plans
  • Line layouts, cell development & associated tooling, fixtures, and equipment design
  • Work instruction and build book development
  • Value stream mapping
  • Virtual build simulation

Quality Engineering

Quality engineers define supplier quality requirements as well as incoming, in-process, outgoing and continuous improvement activities. There are a defined set of standards for which we apply under ISO but we also focus on the needs of the product in order to incorporate best practices from APQP, UL, TS, IATF and more as necessary.

Example Deliverables:

  • Complete control plan containing:
    • PPAP requirements
    • Specialty requirements – UL, ITAR, high voltage, etc.
    • Incoming, In-process and outgoing quality control plans
    • Pre-delivery inspection requirements
  • Product centric quality metrics
  • CAPA Scorecard

Supply Chain Management

Our supply chain team has the ability to start with make/buy analysis, should cost modeling on to strategic sourcing and commodity strategy for each of the partners we serve. We are fortunate in that we have longstanding relationships with established suppliers which cover a broad spectrum in regard to commodity type, geographical location and overall capability. From component sourcing to forecasting material availability on our production floor, we can support programs of all complexities.

Example Deliverables:

  • Advanced purchasing cost modeling during design
  • Develop early relationships with supply base
  • Commodity strategies in place
  • Just-in-Time inventory planning
  • Real time inventory tracking and reporting
  • Import/export of raw materials or finished goods
  • Supplier quality assessment and assurance measures in place

Human Capital Management

Scaling resources to meet our partners demands is an important part of our business. Our portfolio of businesses and extensive partnership base allows our team to flex resources as necessary in order to support given demand. Our team’s expertise lies in effective resource allocation in an effort to apply the right level of resource when necessary. Personnel at all levels of expertise are assigned to a program team meeting cost, quality, and timing objectives.

Example Deliverables:

  • Creation of weekly resource loading plan
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities for all program team members
  • RACI matrices

Manufacturing & Operations

The Edison manufacturing approach brings a tier 1 solution without the tier 1 cost or headache. Our team utilizes a state-of-the-art ERP and MES solution along with poka-yoked processes such as the integration of wireless torquing systems. These processes are applied only as required by the performance characteristics of the product. Our process allows for understanding of available incoming supply to planned demand and as far as who installed which fastener and when.

Example Deliverables:

  • Secured space to contain customer intellectual property
  • Lean Process (5S – Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, Sustain)
  • Root Cause Analysis Tools
  • Time studies for value-added and non-value-added time
  • Scalable Approach – right level of technology for the application
    – Ex. As demand increases, our line is reconfigured, or a shift is added