Capital Light Assembly

Edison hosts the Capital Light Assembly podcast, in which we explore what it takes to effectively execute on assembly of complex mobility and energy products that aren't well suited for heavy automation.

Episode 6: Erik Gildemeister is Director of Finance for Wallbank Industrial, which includes Edison as well as our sister company, PJ Wallbank Springs. This episode talks about the financial impacts of a capital light approach to production, incorporating Erik's experience as a controller at a global automotive Tier 1 supplier, as well as what he has learned as Edison has provided value for our customers.

Episode 5: Alex Mitchell is a Senior Advisor at LACI (Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator). In this episode, Alex talks about the historical use of contract manufacturing in the automotive space, how that is changing, and where he sees the greatest opportunities for contract manufacturing to provide value moving forward.

Episode 4: Brandon Bartneck is Vice President and General Manager of Edison. This solo episode talks about the "why" behind Edison's approach to manufacturing, highlighting the importance of flexibility, quality, and capital preservation while ramping up from proof of concepts and engineering builds into low volume production.

Episode 3: Tracey Fletcher is Chief People Officer at Wallbank Industrial, which includes Edison, as well as our sister company, PJ Wallbank Springs. Tracey joins to talk about why culture is so important for a customer-focused organization like Edison, and how we've thought about the foundation for our culture. 

Episode 2: Nic England, Director of Supply Chain and Operations at Edison, joins to talk about how effective supply chain management and project execution lead to a high quality product.

Episode 1: Frank Webb, Director of Engineering at Edison, joins to talk about how effective engineering and program management lead to a high quality product.

Trailer: Introducing the Capital Light Assembly podcast